Sudden Rush

Our highly concentrated and healthy drink shots are based on pure and natural Guarana. They markedly increase energy and concentration levels throughout many hours.
Guarana (paulina cupana) is a climbing plant that only grows in the rain forest of South America. The natives consider it an “Elixir of Youth” and due to its effect is considered as valuable as gold.

This is because the Guarana bean holds more natural caffeine than any other plant. Contrary to coffee or other synthetic caffeine, found in energy drinks, Guarana is free of irritants. The energy with is gently released to the body over many hours, which is why our Guarana Shot is a healthy alternative also for those unable to drink coffee due to medical reasons. Guarana also contains over 20 positive active substances.

The natural, highly concentrated shot increases wakefulness and attention span, improves resilience and physical endurance during sport, work and leisure activities. Additionally, Guarana curbs hunger and stimulates the body to burn fat. Not to mention that Guarana is Brazil’s go to solution for hangovers.

This is how SuddenRush Guarana-Shot works

Contrary to Energy Drinks and Coffee, the energy boost from Guarana does not come into full effect after a few minutes. The effect of Guarana begins slowly after about 20 minutes, gradually builds and remains for a long time. While the performance increasing effect of coffee and energy drinks drops rapidly, the effect of Guarana slowly decreases after a much longer time. Guarana – healthy natural energy and focus for many hours.

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